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JNL understands the process and our trained "restoration specialists" carefully document and evaluate every aspect of your roof's condition before any work is ever started. We take everything into account: the roof deck itself, walls (both interior & exterior), metal flashing, drains & downspouts, penetration areas, conduit and pipes as well as the roof's membrane and shingles.

As a first priority, our goal is to ensure that no further damage is incurred to the interior finish of your home or business. JNL provides emergency repairs to dry-in the home from further water intrusion where the insurance provider will compensate reimbursement as a part of most standard policies.

The next step is for our expert inspector to conduct a thorough assessment of damage and to provide the customer with a detailed report that can serve as a great tool throughout the adjustment process.


JNl works throughout the DFW area and provide 24 - hour emergency response service. Please call us promptly to that we can provide a thorough and accurate assessment of damages to help expedite your claims adjustment process.

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